Celtic Claddagh Jewelry: The legendary origins

What follows is the legend of how the first Celtic Claddagh Jewelry appeared on earth.

Once there was a great Irish prince Ailill who fell in love with a beautiful young girl called Lissadel, but she was of low birth so his family did not wish him to marry her.

Her father feared that Prince Ailill would only dishonor her and also refused to sanction the match.
The couple was very unhappy about all the objections to their relationship but Lissadell had a plan.

Once when she was a child a fairy called Ashling had befriended her and had taken her to visit fairy land or Tir na og as the ancient Irish called it.
On her return home to Ireland Ashling gave Lissadell a magic charm in the form of a Celtic love knot and told her that if she ever needed anything to hold the love knot in the air on mid summer’s night.

Mid summer’s night was approaching and Lissadell was resolved to summon Ashling’s help. She arranged for Ailill to wait nearby and on mid summer’s night she stole out of the house to the banks of Lough Gill and raised the magic love pendant in the air where it sparkled in the rays of the full moon.

Soon she heard music and shimmering lights approaching and then she saw Ashling coming towards her surrounded by a band of fairies dancing and playing music.
Lissadell told Ashling her story and Ashling asked to see Ailill so Ailill was summoned.

Ashling asked Ailill if he truly loved Lissadell to which he responded that he would give his heart, his crown and his life for her and hold her with his hands and arms for eternity.

On hearing this declaration of such profound love Ashling had her fairies fashion a beautiful pendant and earrings for Lissadell and a pair of shimmering rings with the symbols of hands holding a crowned heart.

And right there on mid summer’s night on the banks of Lough Gill surrounded by fairies as Lissadell wore her beautiful shimmering Celtic Claddagh jewelry the couple exchanged Claddagh rings and were betrothed in the bright light of the full moon as it shone over the beautiful lake.

And when the couple returned to their families and everybody saw the shimmering fairy Claddagh jewelry they could no longer object to the marriage.
As they were wedded Ailill declared “With this jewel, I give you the highest thing that I can offer, I hand you my naked heart crowned with my eternal love”

And so Claddagh jewelry has come to symbolize a powerful declaration of eternal love and friendship.
And they lived happily ever after.

Since then the Celtic Claddagh jewelry design has been used for pins, pendants, rings and earrings. As Irish people emigrated all over the world they took Claddagh jewelry with them and now it is popular as both wedding and friendship jewelry.

Today the Celtic Claddagh design is used to create exquisite earrings, pendants, pins and rings. To see some of the most beautiful Celtic Claddagh and Celtic Knotwork jewelry on the Internet visit www.CelticSpirit.com

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