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The Grainne Loveknot Pendant

silver celtic pendant
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Size: W 3/4" x H 3/4"  Chain not included
Price: $44.95
Code: PESS11

The Grainne Love knot Sterling Silver Celtic Pendant - This beautiful Celtic knot work love knot symbolizes eternal love. Worn over the heart it creates a joyous connection to one's beloved. Named for Grainne of the 'Diarmuid and Grainne' of the famous love cycle.
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The ancient feast of Samhain became known in Christian times as Halloween. It marks the end of Celtic pastoral year and the beginning of the new year.
All fires were extinguished and ritually reignited from the sacred druidic ceremonial fires.
It was a magical and very spiritual time when the separation between the earthly world and the other world disappeared and man and spirit had free access to one others worlds.
Great splendid, dramatic and terrifying events occur at this time and it is the occasion of joyful celebration.
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