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The Achill Cross Pendant

silver celtic cross pendant
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Size: W 1/2" x H 7/8"  Chain not included
Price: $49.95
Code: PESS19

The Achill Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Pendant - Celtic cross jewelry symbolically represents the world-axis with life or heaven above and death or the earth below and the struggle of the soul to surmount the baseness of the lower world to which it is born enslaved and attain the higher. Consequently it embodies in its symbolism the highest state and representation of a human being.
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In celebration of Christmas, we are offering a 15% discount on orders of $50 or more until December 28th, excluding shipping. Happy Shopping and Happy Christmas. Apply coupon code XMASALE in your shopping cart to receive your discount. Christmas was originally a Celtic Winter Solstice celebration. It was celebrated on 21st of December until Christian times when the feast was moved to the 25th and became the birthday of Jesus. The Winter Solstice or 'Grianstad an Gheimhridh', as it was called was a very important event for the ancient Celtic people. Many of the traditions we associate with Christmas were also originally much older Celtic customs, for example the Christmas tree, the Christmas dinner and the use of holly and mistletoe.
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