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The Caer Pin

celtic sterling silver pin
Price: $49.95
Code: PSS44

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The Caer Sterling Silver Celtic Pin - The design is carved on the interior wall of Bruigh na Boinne. Bruigh na Boinne is the oldest building in the world and was believed to be the navel of the earth.

The Amergin Pin

celtic sterling silver pin
Price: $59.95
Code: PSS45

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The Amergin Sterling Silver Celtic Pin - Full of magic and mystery, the Amergin Pin is named for Amergin, great poet and magician of ancient Ireland. The two knots represent the opposing worlds of love and evil.

The Rhiannon Pin

celtic sterling silver pin
Price: $79.95
Code: PSS9

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The Rhiannon Sterling Silver Celtic Pin - Rhiannon the Great Queen. Most beautiful of Celtic jewelry knots. The exquisitely wrought knot work of this superb design conveys the regal elegance of its namesake.

The Eana Pin

celtic sterling silver pin
Price: $49.95
Code: PSS4

The Eana Sterling Silver Celtic Pin - This beautiful Celtic jewelry triangular interlacing design is a representation of the tri-fold nature of the ancient Celtic Gods.
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